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Here at CORE LP we have a wide array of approved installers that have come to rely on us, safe in the knowledge that we provide the most reliable and high-quality products in the industry. Teamed with helpful instructional videos that are available at any time, you can be sure of a full visual demonstration to suit you at a time you need.

Becoming one of our approved installers couldn’t be simpler. By heading to our website and filling in the short form entitled BE AN INSTALLER – you open the possibility of being a referral for installations that are close to your area. Furthermore, you become aligned with a company that has access to products an innovation in the outdoor design industry that not only help to solve problems and provide solutions but will have the answer each time an issue arises.

Products provided by CORE LP are the most forward thinking, innovative products on the market. Any landscaper who becomes an approved installer of CORE LP’s will find that the technical support and advice given by our team of dedicated experts will give them the edge over any competition. CORE LP can offer both market leading as well as specialist solutions such as tree root protection that solves issues that could otherwise bring a job to a standstill.

A quick visit to our website will show you how you can invest in yourself by giving yourself the opportunity to become an installer using CORE LP’s products for clientele that do not have the experience to install their products themselves. Give us a call today to talk with one of our advisers or arrange a practical demonstration of how our products can make your life easier and give you a new opportunity.

Join us today and become one of the hundreds of landscapers using the UK’s leading outside space specialist products. Call us now at CORE Landscape

Products on 0800 118 2278 and talk through your requirements with one of our experts today.

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Here at CORE LP we are absolutely dedicated to helping our registered installers fight the winter work finding blues, whilst doing all we can to assist in finishing off those late summer jobs.

With some of the highest quality problem-solving garden products available to assist landscapers everywhere, one thing is certain, when you need that bit of extra help or advise then CORE LP always have your back and are on hand to help. Whether it’s with advice over the phone or a practical helpful demonstration of our top problem-solving outdoor products, we should be your first port of call.

CORE’s Very Own Problem Solver

Take for instance our CORE LP TRP (tree root protection) system, this product is proving to be an invaluable problem solver in areas where landscapers and outdoor space designers are being asked by developers to protect trees that might have a tree preservation order, also referred to as a TPO. It may be that developments depend on local housing planners being satisfied that such trees are considered prior to planning consent being given, enabling people to construct around the trees.

The responsibility for a development being successful at the planning stage might fall at the door of the appointed landscaper, which is a large responsibility, but one that will make the designated landscaper a stand out asset if he or she manages to be the one that comes up with the solution that is the deciding factor on planning consent

This is where our CORE TRP system comes into its own

Our tree root protector system is a cellular system that provides full protection for tree roots from cars and other vehicles and high footfall areas. Whilst also being an excellent solution for building projects that are incorporating mature protected trees – the CORE TRP system works effectively in commercial and on any tree by distributing the weight of the traffic, which in turn prevents the subsoil compaction around the roots.

Join the growing ranks of landscapers using the UK’s leading outside space products.

Call CORE Landscape Products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with one of our landscaping professionals.

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How to Build a Soakaway Using CORE WATER Crates

Why do I need drainage and is a soakaway the best solution for my project?

If you have existing ground drainage problems after rainfall (easily identified by waterlogged areas) then some form of drainage is essential!   It’s important to remember that soakaways rarely work in heavy clay soils because the water collected in the soakaway can’t filter out into the surrounding ground. You can assess your ground by carrying out a percolation test or by asking your local Building Control, they will know your soil type and be able to advise if the ground in your area isn’t suitable for a soakaway. Don’t worry if this is the case, you still have other options. Collecting and storing water then pumping it to another area of your home or garden where you need it is a great idea. Alternatively, you can discharge into a combined or surface water sewer, but remember it is illegal to discharge into a foul sewer. So be sure to correctly identify the sewer type before making a connection.

So, how do I test my ground conditions to see if a soakaway is suitable for my project?

You will need to carry out a percolation test:

First dig a small square hole 300mm x 300mm at the depth of invert (this is where your drainage pipe will feed into the soakaway crate)

Fill the hole with water and leave it to soak overnight, come back and check it next morning.

Now refill the hole, watch and time how long the water takes to seep away from the 75% point to the 25% point (this is 150mm), then calculate as follows.


60 mins to drain. Calculate average time in seconds.

60 minutes divided by 150 millimetres = 6,000 s/m

To clarify, 150 (mm) x 6 = 900, then divide by 60 (mins)

= 15 s/m

This should be done in a few areas across your proposed driveway or adjacent lawn area then take an average from the readings.

Where should I position my soakaway?

A soakaway must be at least 5 metres from the house and 2.5 metres from your neighbours’ fence. The pipe flowing to the soakaway should be 100mm underground waste ideally, but the Building Inspector may settle for 75mm, and it should be laid to a fall of 1:40. Soakaways need to have a firm base especially if they are under vehicular traffic, if possible its always easier to construct a soakaway under a lawn or pedestrian area to reduce the amount of work required.

What size does my soakaway need to be?

This can vary slightly depending on the soil conditions around the soakaway. A very general rule of thumb is; 1 cubic metre (1 m3) for a 50m2 driveway and 2 cubic metres (2m3.) for a 100m2 driveway (or 75m driveway with a steep gradient) and always remember to allow for your roof area if you are discharging both into the same soakaway. Either way for your soakaway to work properly it must be able to discharge the incoming water quicker than it fills up.

If you find you have a waterlogged garden or driveway, then a CORE WATER Soakaway crate may be the perfect solution for you.

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How to Create and Maintain the Perfect Gravel Driveway

Clients, the length and breadth of the country are looking for landscapers that can supply high quality results to deliver on their outdoor space design aspirations. Customers have an eye for what looks great and what they want on their own drives, ensuring that they demand high quality delivery of design, product and installation every time.

This is where CORE LP come in. Using our innovative and quality landscaping products to create the perfect job for your customers each time will result in a fantastic job and happy customers, invariably leading to referral after referral for a job well done.

Help Us Help You

As the countries leading supplier of incredibly simple yet high quality landscaping product solutions, here at CORE LP we aim to become a crucial part of your project planning and delivery, with our advisers on hand to take your calls and present practical solutions for you, enabling you to get on with the task of satisfying even the most demanding of your clients.

Landscapers nationwide have come to rely on CORE LP, with quality landscaping products and up to date expert advice on every aspect of landscaping design and project implementation. We are the number one go to landscape products company chosen by you and landscapers all over the UK.

It Has to Be Gravel…

One of the most popular, pleasing on the eye, practical solutions for creating drives chosen by your customers must be gravel. People are attracted to gravel as it is nice to look at, it is one of the most value for money products for creating a drive and it is available in a wide variety, certainly enough to satisfy most landscapers customers.

The draw back with using gravel has historically been its penchant for moving around when driven on, especially where there is a turning place in a drive. Using CORE DRIVE stabilisation grids effectively puts a stop to this problem. Furthermore, a major benefit of it being porous is that the new drive will avoid developing any of those annoying wet spots.

Lighter Doesn’t Mean Weaker

Using our CORE DRIVE gravel stabilising grids will ensure that the drive stays looking as great as the day you laid it, with only minimal maintenance or raking required at any time. Using our lighter constructed grids is the perfect choice for any drive and even though it is commonly believed that only thicker more heavily constructed grids can be used for drives, this is entirely wrong, our grids can withstand constant traffic and last as long as any of the heavier, but uglier alternatives.

CORE DRIVE is the go to drive creating product for installers everywhere and for every drive, so it make sense that if you are a landscaper and creator of outside space designs you should enlist the help of the leading drive creation products in the country, CORE Landscape Products is that company. Only CORE LP has the products, the technical knowledge and top advisers that truly partner you in every one of you customers projects.

Innovation Matched with Dedication

Our team of experts are always on hand to advise on which of our products would best suit your clients project, even if it’s a drive on sloping ground or has heavier use we will have the grid for your job.

Give us a call today and join the growing ranks of landscapers using the UK’s leading products.

Call CORE Landscape Products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with one of our design professionals to begin your outdoor space improvement journey today.

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Gravel Pathway Grid System

CORE path is an easy to use path creation system that will enable you to enjoy weed free and low maintenance walkways and paths in your garden or outside spaces for years to come.

The gravel path grid system adopts a honeycomb technology – a tried and tested method for creating a versatile and strong product. When used for creating our hard wearing and flexible stabiliser, it allows for a perfect result time and time again.

A short minute of your time watching our CORE path installation video clip here will reveal to you just how simple both installing and maintaining your new pathway will be using our fantastic CORE path technology.

Weed free for years to come

Although a few weed seeds might be blown into the pathway and sprout, there will be not growth from underneath the grid. Any weed roots are contained within a single cell of the honeycomb mesh making it impossible for the weeds to establish themselves – making it possible to instantly remove the offending weed, root and all.

Ease of installation is obviously a big plus to using our core path product, when you watch our video clip you will see that it takes a matter of seconds to cut it to the desired shape using only a pair of scissors and a Stanley knife.

The grid stabiliser technology gives the path great strength, making it perfectly suitable for all and any wheeled items such as bikes, wheelbarrows and so much more. Gone will be the days when your wheelie bin drags huge furrows into your path making it virtually impossible to pull along or trying to negotiate a traditional gravel path with a child in a pushchair.

Flexible in a variety of ways

Our gravel path stabilisation grids come in a couple of sizes, making it perfect for use on any size job you might be needing it for.

The physical make up of our core path structure is from quality recycled polypropylene as well as new polypropylene, ensuring that we are doing our bit to reuse and recycle plastic efficiently within our business. As mentioned previously, our products inhibit weed growth by using a geo textile membrane underneath the honeycomb plastic. 

Although the CORE path does not need an edging, we would advise using it alongside our CORE edge in order to keep the edges neat and stop any side growth of vegetation and keeping beautiful clean lines to your new pathway. 

Laying our core path is very simple and if you’re putting it down on an uneven surface – simply put down a thin layer of sand to take out any small imperfections in the ground first allowing the core path to lie flat and firm.

A further benefit that should be clearly pointed out is the porous nature of the core path, which allows any water to run away into the ground below reducing any wet areas which is normally found on more traditional pathway creation systems.

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CORE Landscape Products: Industry Leaders

Core Landscape Products are national and international leaders in the field of landscaping product design and supply.

If you are creating a new garden this summer or are thinking of a garden design project which is important to you, our quality is second to none. Our carefully designed products are suitable for all outdoor spaces, offering the ability to be highly versatile in terms of selection and their application.  

Dedicated Team: Here to Help

With our dedicated team of in house landscape specialists right at the end of the phone, advise and guidance is always available for your project. Our team are passionate and here to help with any query you may have.

As market leaders in this field we are not only suppliers of industry leading Landscape products but also manufacturers with accreditation in this field, all of our products conform to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards. For true inspiration with complete peace of mind contact one of our experts here at CORE LP today.

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Lawn Edging – Flexible, Versatile and Reliable

Here at CORE LP we stock some of the most innovative and problem-solving products for outside projects that are available within the industry today. We stock items required by the garden and landscaping trade for commercial projects all the way to specialist landscaping products for domestic products and the home garden.


CORE EDGE comes in a fantastic range of flexible steel edging that can be applied to a multitude of applications, from restraint to simple edging projects, CORE EDGE is there to solve the problem in a neat and affordable way. Applied using a simple reinforced ground spike, it is ideal for hard ground as much as it is for softer terrain. Not only is this versatile edging easy and fast to install, but offers amazing results and quality finishes when installed.

Although you might think that such a professional product would require specialist tools and knowledge, in fact the reverse is true, and our CORE EDGE range can be used and fitted by absolutely anyone with little or no experience at all. A simple installation guide can be found on CORE LP’s website, enabling people to use and fit their own with ease.

The edging itself comes in a vast array of finishes to suit anyone or any job, whether powder coated or a zinc finish, the edging will perform well in any form. The coated edging is finished with a tough and durable micron polyester coating, making the edging highly suitable for any outside project and very resistant to the worst weather types leaving you safe in the knowledge that your landscape is going to look as good as the day you first completed it.

Delivering Quality within a Crowded Market

Amongst a competitive market for products such as these, CORE LP can promise that our product CORE EDGE retains efficiency through its versatility, strength and cost effectiveness. An array of colours will enable you to choose what is best for you, featuring in original bright steel, green, brown, black and grey. The edging is available as a 1.6mm domestic edging, 2.5mm trade edging and a 1.6mm tree ring – each in zinc, powdered coating and cor-ten finishes.

Bright Zinc Galvanised: Available in 1.6mm domestic edging, 2.5mm trade edging and 1.6mm tree ring.


With a keen eye on competitors, CORE LP ensures that we are offering the best edging within the United Kingdom at a price point that is aligned with the quality value of the product.

Our customer service offers support to our clients with step by step project guides and a dedicated advice line for any query that our customers might have. We take calls and give advice to domestic clients as well as industry professionals with years of experience, no question ever goes unanswered and they are all treated with equal importance.

Call Core Landscape products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with one of our design professionals to begin your outdoor space improvement journey today

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Why Choose CORE LP


CORE LP enable customers to create a unique outdoor space, yet our emphasis as a company remains solidly committed to the reliability and quality of the products that we design and offer to both domestic clients and commercial operations.

A Company You Can Trust

As people are busier than ever today, the requirement for a landscaping company to deliver on quality and offer a product that you can have faith in is important. Products that have been passionately crafted, carefully planned and improved over years of hard work make us here at CORE LP a unique landscape supplier.

Bespoke Product Selection

CORE LP’s versatility in terms of potential selection allows you as a customer to plan your space or area with the peace of mind that we cover a wide spectrum of products. This versatility is an aspect that we are proud of, and we are happy that we can offer this extensive range to both domestic and commercial jobs due to our flexibility in how our products have been designed with both in mind.

With a rating of “excellent” given to us by our happy clients on the independent review website Trustpilot, Core Landscape Products are proud to bring you the latest, best and we think most unique garden and outdoor space enhancement products.

Call CORE Landscape Products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with a member of our team.

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There are many benefits to having an artificial turf installed. Suitable for gardens, pathways, playgrounds and schools, artificial grass provides a low maintenance solution that looks good all year round.

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