In this article we will be looking at our CORE Equestrian surface grid that we have engineered specifically for the equine industry and can be used in a domestic or commercial equestrian setting.

CORE Equestrian

Equine grid for state-of-the-art ménage creation for all pockets and budgets.

With years of experience of creating a variety of problem-solving products for landscaping products, we have been able to help industry professionals and domestic homeowners with the very best solutions. However, our CORE Equestrian is a specialist grid designed for the equine world, targeting the landscapes in which horses are kept and use daily.

After consulting industry professionals within the equestrian industry and noting the aspects of equine surfaces that work, aspects that could be improved, we were able to design and manufacture a specialist ménage grid that maintains its structural integrity under extensive daily use.

CORE Equestrian was created using a high-density polyethylene, ensuring that it offers long-lasting durability. An aspect such as durability was a design feature that we deemed paramount due to the intense nature of the use of the grid. Furthermore, the grid offers flexibility by being able to be used on areas other than just arenas. Areas of traffic such as gateways, paddocks and stables also require a surface suitable for horses to use confidently – and CORE Equestrian delivers that entirely. In relation to its versatility, CORE Equestrian is also a suitable grid surface for domestic traffic including cars and heavier duty vehicles. It’s ability to perform superbly in domestic areas only further reinstates the ability it has to offer the equine world the best possible grid.


High density polyethylene is a material that provides elasticity and pliability. An important feature of any given equestrian grid considering that the grid must accommodate the natural movement of horses – whilst being able to maintain a firm and strong surface for riding, exercising and competing on. The natural elasticity within the material ensures that this grid delivers in all areas, ensuring it can stand up to the task of tolerating high intensity footfall impact and high-speed competitive horse racing without cracking or peeling up in any areas.

CORE Equestrian provides a surface that will continually be mud free and non-slip, adding safety to one of the many features enjoyed by creating an exercise area for horses that will maintain its integrity even with much use and adverse weather conditions.


CORE Equestrian will also ensure that your equestrian surfaces always retain a great free draining surface which ensures usage all year round – meaning that you can get double the use of your specialist equestrian surfaces, therefore ensuring value for money as well as supporting your horse’s well being.

Here at CORE LP we have clients who have been so happy with their equestrian surface that they have then gone even further and installed CORE Equestrian in other areas of traffic such as gateways and feeding stations ensuring that even these areas are usable and clean right through the winter months – showing that Core Equestrian is truly a versatile and value for money product for the equestrian world in all kinds of settings and not simply to create a ménage.

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