Reinforcement & protection.

Helping you to prevent paths and driveways from becoming excessively muddy in wet weather, we offer a range of grass reinforcement and protection products that are suitable for homes as well as public or commercial properties, pedestrians and vehicles. By assisting with drainage, it not only helps to prevent slippery environments but also aims to preserve the appearance of landscaped areas.  

  • Options suitable for pedestrian and vehicular traffic
  • Grids are made from recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) 
  • Strong and durable 
  • For paths, driveways, parking areas and access roads

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CORE GRASS is the perfect long term solution for grass parking. Available in two depths, and two colours.

The 40mm depth is designed for domestic green driveways and shared parking areas, whereas  the 50mm depth is most commonly specified for HGV access, yards and farming areas.

The grass grows back through the grid and allows the area to retain its natural aesthetics as well as becoming a hard standing surface that can withstand high traffic loads.

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Why Choose CORE GRASS?

Using a grass reinforcement grid offers several notable benefits. Firstly, it provides structural support and stability to grassed areas, allowing them to withstand vehicle traffic without soil compaction or damage. This preserves the aesthetic appeal of green spaces while enabling practical usage such as parking or access routes. Additionally, grass reinforcement grids promote permeability, allowing rainwater to infiltrate the soil and reducing stormwater runoff. They also contribute to erosion control by stabilizing the grass cover on slopes or areas prone to runoff. Overall, grass reinforcement grids offer a sustainable solution that balances functionality, environmental impact, and visual appeal.


CORE GRASS FLEX is a range of grass protection mesh products. Across the three grades, they each protect grassed areas from varying traffic loads, from light use from light vehicles to frequent heavy vehicle use.

Supplied in rolls, it simply rolls out and gets pinned using U Pins to secure it to your grass. From here, it does a fantastic job at protecting your grass and stop the area from becoming a mud bath.

  • Event Parking
  • Foot paths through grass areas
  • Protecting grass from pets
  • Protects over compaction

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CORE GRASSFLEX 1000gsm features an oscillated pattern and is unique due to its slip resistant surface that offers a sure footing to pedestrians, but also suitable for vehicles up to 2 tonnes. CORE GRASSFLEX 1400gsm is a ground/grass protection mesh that provides the ideal grass matting protection for car parks, caravan parks, light aircraft taxiways, etc. CORE GRASSFLEX 1800gsm is a ground/grass protection mesh that provides reinforcement for grass areas that are going to receive high levels of vehicular traff ic. This includes frequent grass parking, occasional HGV use access tracks – as well as access tracks for emergency vehicles and refuse trucks.


CORE Rubber Mats are a versatile multi-use product, they can be used to create slip resistant walkways, safety areas around play equipment or be used as grass protection mats to avoid grass damage and mudbaths forming.

The structure of the rubber mat allows effective water drainage and maintains a natural appearance, allowing grass to grow and be treated as normal. They can be used on level or undulating ground and are extremely quick and easy to install.

  • Available in 16mm or 23mm depth
  • Very versatile – able to be used in a variety of settings
  • Reduces soil compaction, allowing rainwater to reach the grass roots
  • Helps prevent mud and erosion
  • Easy to install, but just as easy to take away and store
  • Excellent anti-slip properties

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Rubber grass protection mats offer a range of significant benefits for outdoor spaces. These mats provide effective erosion control and prevent soil compaction, safeguarding the integrity of grass and underlying terrain.

They enhance surface stability, distributing weight evenly and reducing the likelihood of rutting or damage caused by heavy foot traffic, vehicles, or equipment. Additionally, these mats promote water drainage, maintaining healthy grass growth by preventing water pooling and reducing the risk of mud formation. Their durable and resilient nature ensures long-lasting protection, while their design facilitates easy installation and reconfi guration. Overall, rubber grass protection mats serve as a versatile solution that ensures sustainable land use, aesthetics, and functionality for various applications, such as lawns, pathways, sports fields, and event venues.

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