Heavy Duty Gravel Stabiliser.

Specifically developed to withstand heavy commercial traffic in public spaces including car parks, access roads and caravan parks, CORE COMMERCIAL grids can create a fully SuDS compliant build up or a low cost, free draining area for traffic. 

Made with a perforated HDPE base, it achieves maximum strength and stability whilst remaining porous, is low cost and designed to last.

  • Perforated HDPE base for strength and stability
  • DIN14090 approved for fire service and emergency vehicle access routes
  • Suitable for commercial traffic and public spaces
  • Can support a 40 tonne vehicle
  • Reduces gravel consumption

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CORE COMMERCIAL is produced directly by the team at CORE LP and is designed with more than 40 years of industry experience in mind. We know how important it is for landscaping products to work effectively and stand the test of time. For that reason we are dedicated to using premium materials, for optimum strength and durability. 

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Designed To Withstand The Heaviest Traffic.

CORE COMMERCIAL has been designed for areas with heavy traffic, such as car parks and access roads, thanks to its reinforced HDPE cell walls. Providing a stable but porous finish, it can support a 40 tonne vehicle.

Unique ‘QuickLock™’ Clipping Mechanism.

Our patented ‘quick lock’ joining mechanism was developed to eliminate the risk of the panels separating after intense vehicle movement. This not only ensures the longevity of the product but it is vital for the integrity of the system as it helps to create a single matrix over the entire area.

We are often referred to as the ‘contractors choice’ of porous pavers when compared to other grids on the market… the ‘quick lock’ joining mechanism greatly reduces the installation time especially for large areas such as car parks and reduces the amount of bending over required when installing.

Carefully Engineered Cell Shape.

The cell shape for our latest gravel grid is designed in this way to provide incredible load-bearing capabilities. The bespoke shape has been manufactured to evenly distribute the stress absorbed from heavy vehicles – which allows for the heaviest traffic loads to be able to drive over this grid. The shape of the cells contributes to the environmental qualities of the product too – as we are reducing the amount of HDPE required to create the product.

Large Sheet Size.

Measuring at 1130 x 780mm, the new and improved CORE COMMERCIAL grids have been designed to cover ground quickly, enabling you to get the job done swiftly. The sheet size and QuickLock clipping mechanism allow you to easily lay 500m2 + per day

Frequently Asked Questions

What vehicles can use CORE COMMERCIAL?

CORE COMMERCIAL can be used by almost any wheeled vehicle, ranging from golf buggies to fire engines. This grid has been specifically developed to withstand heavy commercial traffic. It’s the ideal gravel stabilisation system for car parks, access roads and caravan parks. The perforated HDPE base means you can achieve maximum strength and stability without affecting the porosity of the surface.

This grid will withstand HGV through traffic however please note, no plastic gravel stabilising grid available on today’s market will withstand the immense pressure and friction created by the screwing action of a large vehicle performing a stationary manoeuvre.

Is CORE COMMERCIAL environmentally friendly?


CORE COMMERCIAL provides a porous paving solution which returns water back to the environment where it belongs instead of pooling or causing the flooding problems of traditional driveway surfaces. In addition CORE COMMERCIAL is made from pure white recyclable High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) or 100% recycled black HDPE both of which are UV and heat-resistant.

Are CORE COMMERCIAL installations easy to maintain?


Unlike our CORE DRIVE grids, the CORE COMMERCIAL grid is designed to be filled level with the cell wall and therefore will be seen once installed. The main advantage of this means there is even less maintenance required as there is no surface dressing to re-distribute, however, this doesn’t mean that you can’t overfill the grid slightly to make it more aesthetically pleasing if you wish.

Can CORE COMMERCIAL be use on areas that are sloped?


CORE COMMERCIAL grids can be used on driveways that have up to a 20% gradient, which is equivalent to an 11-degree angle or a 1 in 5 fall.

If you are planning to use CORE COMMERCIAL on an area that has a steep gradient (15-20%) and it is likely that your vehicle will come to a complete stop whilst still on the gradient it would be prudent to install ‘traction strips’ to allow your vehicle to accelerate on the slope without wheel-spinning and damaging the grid.

Is there a suggested speed limit for CORE COMMERCIAL grids?

In theory there is no suggested speed limit. However if you were to break sharply the friction caused by the skidding vehicle would be similar to that of a wheel-spinning vehicle. This could potentially damage the grid.  For this reason we would advise a maximum speed limit of 5mph.

Is CORE COMMERCIAL easy to install?


CORE COMMERCIAL has a unique interlocking system that varies from our regular CORE Drive grids. This system makes it ideal for large applications as we would expect two competent contractors to lay between 250-300m2 per day. Since this grid has a perforated HDPE base it does not come with a geotextile membrane, we can supply this separately if you need one.

What type of gravel should I use?

For best results we recommend using an angular aggregate as this helps the surface dressing to stay in place.

This unique design prevents the aggregate from shifting or over compacting, allowing the surface dressing of aggregate used to cover the cells and bite into the loose aggregate contained in the cellular structure, greatly reducing the amount of movement in the finished surface.



Our gravel stabilising grids are one of the best Sustainable Urban Drainage solutions available. If you are looking to create a fully SuDS compliant build up with reduced fines materials CORE COMMERCIAL is the perfect grid as it has a perforated HDPE base which means it is better suited to gravel beddings. Please see page 4 of the CORE COMMERCIAL specification sheet for a full illustration of how a SuDS compliant build up can be achieved.

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Is CORE COMMERCIAL suitable for wheelchair users (DDA Compliant)

With regard to local government approval of our system there is no such document or set standard in the UK with reference to disabled access, which is why we refer to the American version in our literature where we have obtained U.S. approval.

In the UK Governments approved document, part M “access to and use of buildings” it states that the surface of an approach available to a wheelchair user should be firm enough to support the weight of the user and his or her wheelchair and smooth enough to permit easy manoeuver. It should also take account of the needs of stick and crutch users.

Loose laid materials such as gravel and shingle are considered unsuitable for the approach. However we have proven through video footage and case study that loose aggregate laid in CORE COMMERCIAL stabiliser is sufficiently stable to allow safe passage for all of the above named users.

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