Here at CORE LP we are absolutely dedicated to helping our registered installers fight the winter work finding blues, whilst doing all we can to assist in finishing off those late summer jobs.

With some of the highest quality problem-solving garden products available to assist landscapers everywhere, one thing is certain, when you need that bit of extra help or advise then CORE LP always have your back and are on hand to help. Whether it’s with advice over the phone or a practical helpful demonstration of our top problem-solving outdoor products, we should be your first port of call.

CORE’s Very Own Problem Solver

Take for instance our CORE LP TRP (tree root protection) system, this product is proving to be an invaluable problem solver in areas where landscapers and outdoor space designers are being asked by developers to protect trees that might have a tree preservation order, also referred to as a TPO. It may be that developments depend on local housing planners being satisfied that such trees are considered prior to planning consent being given, enabling people to construct around the trees.

The responsibility for a development being successful at the planning stage might fall at the door of the appointed landscaper, which is a large responsibility, but one that will make the designated landscaper a stand out asset if he or she manages to be the one that comes up with the solution that is the deciding factor on planning consent

This is where our CORE TRP system comes into its own

Our tree root protector system is a cellular system that provides full protection for tree roots from cars and other vehicles and high footfall areas. Whilst also being an excellent solution for building projects that are incorporating mature protected trees – the CORE TRP system works effectively in commercial and on any tree by distributing the weight of the traffic, which in turn prevents the subsoil compaction around the roots.

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