CORE DATUM EDGE: The Contractors Choice.

A heavy duty edging solution designed specifically for commercial landscaping projects, designed with the contractors in mind.

This product offers a sleek and efficient way to shape and define your projects, whilst also acting as a datum point.

The robust design makes it ideal for tougher ground conditions and demanding environments.

  • Seamless Connection
  • 3mm Thick
  • 150mm High
  • Available in 3 Finishes: Corten, Zinc Galvanised, Mild Steel
  • 2200mm Lengths (4.4m metres of edging per pack)

What gives us the edge?

CORE DATUM EDGE was designed and manufactured directly by the team at CORE.

With constant feedback and input from landscapers and contractors alike, we ensured this product ticks all of the boxes – creating a product that was truly built for the trade, by the trade!

Heavy Duty.

CORE DATUM EDGE is a heavy-duty product designed specifically for commercial landscaping projects, offering a sleek and efficient way to define your projects. Our unique design makes it ideal for tough ground conditions and demanding environments.

Seamless Connection.

The rear joining plates provid clean front face and flush top edge, ensuring continuous clean lines without visible fixtures, enhancing the aesthetics.


Our patent-pending locking system allows for precise micro adjustments of the final height of the edging. By locking the grub screw off against the pins, contractors can set out their projects accurately, simply pin to shape and adjust the height where necessary, using the edging as a reliable datum point!

No Preformed Spikes.

This design ensures easy installation in tough ground conditions, allowing for versatile use across various projects.

What's in each pack of CORE DATUM EDGE?

In each pack, you will receive:

• 2 x CORE DATUM EDGE – each measuring 2200mm.

• 8 x Stabilising Ground Pins – each measuring 480mm

• 2 x Joining Plates

• 6 x Bolts

• 1 x Allen Key

• 8 x Grub Screws

What finishes are available?

CORE DATUM EDGE is available in three finishes.

Galvanised Steel, Mild Steel and Corten Steel.

What’s the best way to cut CORE DATUM EDGE?

CORE DATUM EDGE should be cut using a disc cutter. Please take care with sharp edges and use metal primer on exposed steel.

How long will CORE DATUM EDGE last?

CORE DATUM EDGE is built to be extremely long lasting and highly durable.

Can I use heavy compaction machinery close to CORE DATUM EDGE?

Yes – CORE DATUM EDGE is designed to be used on commercial projects.

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