Clients, the length and breadth of the country are looking for landscapers that can supply high quality results to deliver on their outdoor space design aspirations. Customers have an eye for what looks great and what they want on their own drives, ensuring that they demand high quality delivery of design, product and installation every time.

This is where CORE LP come in. Using our innovative and quality landscaping products to create the perfect job for your customers each time will result in a fantastic job and happy customers, invariably leading to referral after referral for a job well done.

Help Us Help You

As the countries leading supplier of incredibly simple yet high quality landscaping product solutions, here at CORE LP we aim to become a crucial part of your project planning and delivery, with our advisers on hand to take your calls and present practical solutions for you, enabling you to get on with the task of satisfying even the most demanding of your clients.

Landscapers nationwide have come to rely on CORE LP, with quality landscaping products and up to date expert advice on every aspect of landscaping design and project implementation. We are the number one go to landscape products company chosen by you and landscapers all over the UK.

It Has to Be Gravel…

One of the most popular, pleasing on the eye, practical solutions for creating drives chosen by your customers must be gravel. People are attracted to gravel as it is nice to look at, it is one of the most value for money products for creating a drive and it is available in a wide variety, certainly enough to satisfy most landscapers customers.

The draw back with using gravel has historically been its penchant for moving around when driven on, especially where there is a turning place in a drive. Using CORE DRIVE stabilisation grids effectively puts a stop to this problem. Furthermore, a major benefit of it being porous is that the new drive will avoid developing any of those annoying wet spots.

Lighter Doesn’t Mean Weaker

Using our CORE DRIVE gravel stabilising grids will ensure that the drive stays looking as great as the day you laid it, with only minimal maintenance or raking required at any time. Using our lighter constructed grids is the perfect choice for any drive and even though it is commonly believed that only thicker more heavily constructed grids can be used for drives, this is entirely wrong, our grids can withstand constant traffic and last as long as any of the heavier, but uglier alternatives.

CORE DRIVE is the go to drive creating product for installers everywhere and for every drive, so it make sense that if you are a landscaper and creator of outside space designs you should enlist the help of the leading drive creation products in the country, CORE Landscape Products is that company. Only CORE LP has the products, the technical knowledge and top advisers that truly partner you in every one of you customers projects.

Innovation Matched with Dedication

Our team of experts are always on hand to advise on which of our products would best suit your clients project, even if it’s a drive on sloping ground or has heavier use we will have the grid for your job.

Give us a call today and join the growing ranks of landscapers using the UK’s leading products.

Call CORE Landscape Products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with one of our design professionals to begin your outdoor space improvement journey today.

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