Efficient Water Drainage Cells.

Designed to be used in a variety of locations, ranging from golf courses and sports fields to foot gardens, driveways, roads, retaining walls, and basement drainage and waterproofing, CORE DRAINAGE CELL is a unique product offering optimal strength and durability.

Made from lightweight but strong recycled polypropylene, the board of cells is constructed to allow water to flow evenly across the surface, avoiding areas of build up. Suitable for installing horizontally or vertically, when wrapped in a geotextile membrane, it forms a highly effective but unobtrusive fin drain, capable of withstanding immense water-flow, channelling excess water and avoiding water logging.

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE (High Density Polyethylene)
  • Provides optimal load distribution thanks to the unique cell construction
  • A unique connecting system lets it expand and shrink during changing weather 
  • Has high channelling capacity of 30 litres of water per m2
  • Can be installed on a variety of sub bases thanks to nine flexible zones 
  • Has an anti-slip grip profile (2mm height) to prevent artificial grass from slipping

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Innovative Artificial Grass Drainage.

CORE DRAINBASE works brilliantly as a drainage layer for artificial grass to channel away excess water, avoiding waterlogging.

Manufactured from 100% recycled HDPE. As a material, this offers the ideal combination between sturdiness and high elasticity – even in colder temperatures.

It can also be used effectively on roof gardens, due to its low weight per unit and its ability to be cut and configured to any shape or size.

  • Optimal Load Distribution: Due to the unique cell construction, CORE DRAINBASE provides even weight distribution across the surface.
  • Unique Connecting System: The carefully designed connecting system allows CORE DRAINBASE to expand and shrink during the changes in weather conditions.
  • Channelling Capacity: High channelling capacity of 30 litres of water per m2.
  • Anti-slip System: The tile is provided with an anti-slip grip profile (2mm height) on top to prevent the artificial grass from slipping.
  • Flexibility: Due to the 9 flexible zones, CORE DRAINBASE can be installed across a variety of subbases and will always maintain contact.


CORE DRAINAGE is produced directly by the team at CORE LP and is designed with more than 40 years of industry experience in mind. We know how important it is for landscaping products to work effectively and stand the test of time. For that reason we are dedicated to using premium materials for optimum strength and durability. 

These are some of the key benefits of using CORE DRAINAGE:

Vertifical Fin Drain for Driveways, Roads and Edge Drains.

CORE DRAINAGE can be used for driveways, roads and edge drains, which also helps to prevent damp build up in nearby buildings. It captures sub surface water and transports it towards safe areas such as a purpose-built soak away. This makes it ideal for locations where saturated ground meets an external wall and also for relieving hydro-static pressure in the ground against retaining walls.

Vertical Fin Drain for Sports Fields & Saturated Ground.

The permeable surface of CORE DRAINAGE is over 80%, compared to the 5% of more conventional options. This makes it ideal for sports fields and saturated ground, as it draws water down from the soil at a faster rate, letting water in but keeping silt out. It is only 25mm wide but has a flow rate of over five litres per second, meaning it’s easy to retrofit with minimal surface disruption and most cost efficiency.

CORE DRAINAGE is suitable for retaining walls and basements

When saturated ground meets buildings or retaining walls it can cause damp or upset structural integrity. CORE DRAINAGE directs the water away from buildings to a safe space, prevents sub surface build up and therefore also relieves hydro-static pressure cost effectively. 

Installation for Roof Gardens and Green Roofs.

CORE DRAINAGE is ideal for roof gardens and green roofs, combined with an impermeable membrane underneath. The interlocking cells can be laid directly onto the roof and covered with a permeable membrane to allow the water through without becoming clogged with silt. Soil is placed on top and planted as required. The increased water flow and high weight bearing properties of the grid provides a greater soil depth than alternative solutions whilst allowing the right level of drainage to support plant growth and protect the building.

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