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CORE EDGE: Flexible Lawn Edging

In the landscaping industry, there are some products that have that amazing versatility to be effective in both domestic and commercial applications. Whether it be that you’re using a product for a driveway or lawn area in your garden or using a product on a far larger scale in a commercial setting – products such as CORE EDGE retain that flexibility and capacity to be used in a variety of settings.  

Five colours, Galvanised Zinc & Cor-Ten

Available in an array of finishes that include Galvanised Zinc, Powder Coated colours and a Cor-Ten weathering steel. Colours include: Anthracite, Brown, Black, Green and Tele Grey. Three face heights that include: 65mm, 100mm and 150mm

Offering structural advantages such as flexibility and the ability to bend, it ensures it becomes useful in an array of scenarios where the shape of landscape is important. Applied using a fixing spike that sinks into the ground, CORE EDGE ensures that it can be used in different environments. Our edging can be used in soft terrains, with the aid of our galvanised fixing pins to reinforce stability, as well as being a great use for firmer grounds also.  

CORE EDGE is a product that does not require any specialist knowledge or prior experience in using landscaping products. Furthermore, no specialist tools are required for installation, ensuring that using our edging remains cost effective.

Whether powder coated or left as a plain zinc finish the edging will perform well in any form. The coated edging is finished with a tough and durable micron polyester coating making the edging highly suitable for any outside project and very resistant to the worst that our British weather can possibly throw at it, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your landscape is going to look as good as the day you first completed it.

On top of all this we keep our eye on any competitors to make sure that we are bringing you the best edging that your hard earned money can buy and even go so far as to give you more for your money than our nearest competition.

Edging with Support Pin

Our customer service is second to none offering step by step project guides and a dedicated advice line for any query that our customers might have. We take calls and give advice to domestic as well as industry professionals with years of experience, no question ever goes unanswered and they are all treated with equal importance.

For any enquiries regarding CORE EDGE or any of our other products call CORE LP on 0800 118 2278 and speak to one of our experts today.

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