Gravel Pathway Stabiliser.

Helping you to create pristine pathways and functional gravel spaces, our CORE PATH gravel stabilisation grid is an advanced solution that’s easy to install and maintain.

Create the perfect, free draining  pathway for able bodied and disabled users, or form designated storage spaces for wheelie bins and bicycles.

The innovative solution stabilises gravel of various sizes so that it remains in situ, thanks to a honeycomb grid that’s only 20mm in depth, allowing you to reduce the volume of expensive decorative gravel normally required. Made from high-quality materials, it’s available in grey (recycled materials), or white (naturally sourced, raw materials). 

In addition, CORE PATH has a high quality geo-textile membrane firmly heat welded to the underside, which prevents weeds from coming through, minimises maintenance and enhances its long-lasting durability.

  • Accommodates gravel up to 10mm diameter
  • Grid depth is 20mm
  • Reduces gravel consumption by more than 50%
  • One tonne of aggregate covers approximately 35m2
  • Prevents weeds growing through the path
  • Low maintenance 
  • Long-term use 

CORE PATH comes with a helpful installation guide to make it easy and efficient to use.

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Handy Pack & Large Sheet.

CORE PATH is available in two sheet sizes to make it easy to adapt to your preferred space:

CORE PATH Handy Pack is ideal for creating garden paths and comes with six smaller sized sheets designed for easy installation. 

  • 18mm depth 
  • Pack covers an area of 1.38m2
  • 40kg aggregate fills one Handy Pack
  • One pack can surface a 1.72m pathway with an average pathway width of 800mm

CORE PATH PRO maximises efficiency on more extensive garden paths, patio areas and larger scale projects. Each sheet is equivalent to four of the smaller sheets from the Handy Pack.

  • 18mm depth 
  • 1200 x 800mm Sheet Size
  • Pack covers an area of 0.96m2.
  • Aggregate coverage of 35m2 per tonne

Why choose CORE PATH?

CORE PATH is produced directly by the team at CORE LP and is designed with more than 40 years of industry experience in mind. We know how important it is for landscaping products to work effectively and stand the test of time. For that reason we are dedicated to using premium materials for optimum strength and durability. 

Creates a Firm and Stable Path.

The honeycomb grid design of CORE PATH creates tightly packed pockets of loose gravel for a completely porous but hard standing surface. As a result, pathways not only look smart but are highly functional, whether it’s for walking on, driving across or moving wheelie bins, bicycles, scooters and wheelbarrows. 

Less Gravel Required.

The honeycomb grid construction of CORE PATH optimises the use of gravel. As it’s only 18mm deep it requires up to 50% less aggregate than other solutions and enables one tonne of 10mm gravel to cover a space of approximately 35m2. As a result it maximises cost efficiency, both when it comes to saving money on gravel and reducing time and labour fees.

DDA Compliant Surface.

CORE PATH is unique in that it complies with the UK Government’s guidelines for wheelchair accessibility, which is especially important in public spaces, hotels, restaurants and at individual homes. Typically, loose materials like gravel are unsuitable in terms of accessibility. However, CORE PATH has been created through extensive research and development to stabilise aggregate, allowing for form, function and suitability for all users.   

Attached High Quality Weed Membrane.

One of the challenges of gravel surfaces is maintaining a pristine appearance over time. Weeds are often a problem and can be difficult to prevent or manage. CORE PATH is different because it features a high quality geo-textile membrane that’s heat welded to the underside of the structure. This creates a tray for the gravel to sit in, which not only prevents weed growth but also stops it from migrating under the cell wall, which can compromise its integrity and expose the frame over time. 


Want to see how CORE PATH works? Take a look at our videos to discover how easy it is to install and find out more about its benefits on professional landscaping projects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will weeds grow through the gravel?


You may however experience a few air borne weeds that are caused by birds dropping seeds or natural pollination; these can be easily removed due to the fact they are restricted to rooting in a single cell full of loose gravel.

Is it suitable for wheelchair users?


With regard to local government approval of our system there is no such document or set standard in the UK with reference to disabled access, which is why we refer to the American version in our literature where we have obtained U.S. approval.

In the UK Governments approved document, part M “access to and use of buildings” it states that the surface of an approach available to a wheelchair user should be firm enough to support the weight of the user and his or her wheelchair and smooth enough to permit easy manoeuvre. It should also take account of the needs of stick and crutch users.

Loose laid materials such as gravel and shingle are considered unsuitable for the approach. However we have proven through video footage and case study that loose aggregate laid in a CORE Path stabiliser is sufficiently stable to allow safe passage for all of the above named users.

Is it SuDS Compliant?


Our products are one of the best Sustainable Urban Drainage Solutions available.

Learn more here:
• UK Environment Agency: Sustainable Drainage Systems
• Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA): Benefits of pervious surfaces

What type of gravel should I use?

For best results we recommend using an angular aggregate up to 10mm in size as this helps to compact the aggregate into the cells effectively.

Your finished CORE PATH will consist of hundreds if not thousands of small cells full of loose aggregate. This unique design prevents the aggregate from shifting or over compacting.

Are CORE PATH installations easy to maintain?


While you do not have the rutting and aggregate migration of traditional gravel installations, you still need to occasionally rake the gravel. If you can see the CORE PATH structure, you should rake the gravel to completely cover the honeycomb, thus preventing damage.

Is CORE PATH environmentally friendly?


CORE PATH provides a porous paving solution which returns water back to the environment where it belongs instead of pooling or causing the flooding problems of traditional surfaces.

Does CORE PATH need an edging?

An edging is not essential, but plant life bordering your pathway will grow into the edges of the gravel if there is no physical restraint.

If you prefer a clean line to your path CORE EDGE is the perfect low maintenance choice available in a 3 face heights and 7 finishes.

Is CORE PATH easy to cut to shape?


CORE PATH is easily cut to shape and size. The most effective tool for this would be a disc cutter or angle grinder. Be sure to wear appropriate PPE when using these tools.

Do I need to install a sub base?


If the ground you are preparing is already firm underfoot you can simply lay 10 / 15mm of sharp sand to iron out any minor deformities in the surface, if the ground is soft or prone to becoming soft in the wetter months, a suitable hard wearing sub base should be installed to make the ground firm – such as MOT Type 1.

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