What is the CORE TRP system?

CORE TREE ROOT PROTECTION (TRP) is a fully guaranteed, CE certified, no-dig cellular confinement system, specifically designed and engineered for ultimate tree root protection for all trees from pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Often referred to as CELLWEB or PROTECTA WEB in the same way that bituminous macadam is called tarmac, CORE TRP’S unique cell size, cell depth and wall perforations combine to create a tried and tested method to laterally distribute the weight of traffic which in turn prevents subsoil compaction.

With expert design, CORE TRP forms a high load bearing, shallow permeable sub-base above ground which will remain completely porous. Filtering out dangerous hydrocarbons at four times the rate of alternative TRP systems, laterally distributing the weight imposed by all traffic types, allowing gaseous exchange and continued permeation of water, oxygen, and nutrients to ensure protected tree roots stay healthy.

The technical properties of our TRP panels are independently tested and CE certified to ensure all industry standards are exceeded.

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Fully Compliant ‘No Dig’ Subbase

By using CORE TRP and adopting a no-dig, above-ground sub-base method within an RPA (Root Protection Area) you can be confident you are fully compliant with BS5837:2012 and the latest revision to APN12 (Arboricultural Practise Note 12) Through the Trees to development published 2007, AGN12 the Arboricultural Associations Guidance Note 12 – The use of cellular confinement systems near trees, published September 2020.

Manni Keates from the team here at CORE worked closely with the Author Ben Rose and the Arboricultural Association to create the latest guidance notes in producing the majority of diagrams used throughout the document and providing technical recommendations.

We can supply all the materials required for a fully AGN12-compliant build-up

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Why is Tree Root Protection Needed?

Due to the rate of urbanisation within the UK, it is becoming increasingly common to find trees located in areas of development with Tree Preservation Orders (TPOs). TPOs ensure the protection of mature trees, especially when construction work is being carried out nearby.

Our CORE TRP cellular confinement system offers a compliant solution to creating a pathway, driveway, car park, road, or track for permanent use or temporary site access. The system creates a three-dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads preventing unwanted ground compaction in and around the feeder roots of the tree.

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What are the consequences of not using a Tree Root Protection System?

Failure to install Tree Root Protection below a trafficked surface will result in the surface becoming compacted and rutted. Minimal oxygen and nutrient exchange to the roots could ultimately destroy the tree.

Failing to comply with a TPO is treated as a serious offence, and can result in a £20,000 fine – and with 90% of tree roots are found within 1m of the surface and extend to a distance equal to approximately 65% of the tree’s overall height, it makes it impossible to build a sustainable surface using traditional methods for vehicular traffic, without digging and damaging the feeder roots of the tree. That’s where CORE TRP comes in.

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Why use the CORE Tree Root Protection System over our competitors?

First and foremost, it simply works.

Our cellular confinement system has been tried and tested on projects ranging from small residential to large commercial schemes and has a 100% success rate….

Our Tree Root Protection System is CE certified and fully compliant with BS 5837:2012 section 7.4.2 Note 1.

And then there’s the price. We will rarely be beaten – plus we offer a FREE guarantee!

It works.

  • It works and costs less!
  • The only guaranteed cellular confinement system, specifically designed for Tree Root Protection
  • Offers a no-dig solution with no mechanical damage to the existing tree roots.
  • Provides a stable running surface for the required road type and vehicle loading.
  • Delivers significant reductions in the transferred traffic load from above, to the tree roots.
  • Prevents harmful compaction of the soils in the root protection area.
  • Provides a highly porous, flexible structure to protect the tree’s essential supply of water and oxygen.
  • Fully compliant with. BS:5837:2012 – APN12 – AGN12 – TPOs (Tree Preservation Areas)
  • Full Technical Support and Technical Recommendations from qualified technicians.
  • 100% Success rate.

Price promise.

Our price promise guarantee means you will not find an equivalent cellular confinement system for less anywhere on the market.

Technical support.

We have a dedicated team of experts on hand who will analyse your information when you fill in our questionnaire, so they can offer free advice and technical recommendations on all aspects of Tree Root Protection and surfacing options for your project. They will even provide design calculations and CAD drawings where necessary, and give you access to a library of free downloadable technical construction diagrams and tailored pinning specifications for tree protection on banks and slopes.

Fast delivery.

We have a huge UK stock holding for next day delivery to most UK postcodes if required. (Standard delivery time, two working days)

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