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Andrew Barringer and Kevin Harden Join CORE Landscape Products

Tuesday 20 October, 2020

CORE Landscape Products are pleased to welcome both Andrew Barringer and Kevin Harden on board as they join as Sales & Marketing Manager and Sales Executive.

Andrew brings many years of experience in the business to business sector, most recently with 7 years developing the trade division for Harrod Horticultural before joining CORE Landscape Products. He brings a huge amount of industry experience and relationships to CORE, along with strong links to The Society of Garden Designers and the British Association of Landscape Industries – having spent many years on the regional committee covering East Anglia. He has worked alongside some of the leading designers in the industry on both private and residential projects, along with numerous show gardens over the years.

Kevin has also been a key person for many years in the landscaping and construction industry at Harrowden Turf and British Sugar TOPSOIL, during which Kevin forged many long term business relationships and participated in numerous trade shows and industry events. He also supported the landscaping industry whilst spending five years as the BALI East Anglia Regional Chairman – a challenging role that was a voluntary position to give back to the industry.

“We are pleased to have both Andrew and Kevin join our team. The past year has seen a huge increase in both sales and enquiries, so we had to ensure that the candidates that joined us were able to hit the ground running – and they were the perfect fit. They both bring a wealth of industry knowledge and experience that will help to push our operation and brand forward. I look forward to working with them!”

Harvey Keates, Sales Director


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CORE Landscape Products Turns 10!

We are celebrating our 10th birthday today here at CORE Landscape Products!

A great journey that arose from humble beginnings to where we are today, a comment from both our Sales Director and Managing Director to commemorate our anniversary:

“Today marks our 10th Anniversary – what a milestone! I am incredibly proud of our team and of how far we have come, and I thank our loyal customers for 10 fantastic years.

Our rapid growth over the past 18 months has been nothing less than exciting. With the introduction of CORE EDGE, and expansion into our new offices, our company has evolved. We have a fantastically capable team, and each and every one of them brings something brilliant to the table.

However, regardless of how much we have grown, I’m proud to say we have maintained our core values. Our attention to detail and customer support is unfaltering, and just like day one, no matter the size, every project matters!”

Harvey Keates, Sales Director

A comment from our Managing Director, Manni Keates:

“10 years in business is a great achievement and as a family run business we are immensely proud of how much we have grown over the last decade.

Things have really progressed from starting in our parents’ shed and storing materials in their garden to our current HQ where we have over 10,000 sq/ft of warehouse space, 7,000 sq/ft of yard and a 1,200 sq/ft office.

We have always had great products, but the focus over the last couple of year has been building a motivated and successful team to really help the business progress and move in the right direction. We have also been upgrading our infrastructure and improving our efficiency which should enable us to not only continue our growth over the coming years, but to continue to deliver our high quality products to our valued customers.

I think a key factor of our success has been our customer service and attention to detail. We started out as Landscapers ourselves, so from the very beginning we had the knowledge of what makes a great supplier from the customer’s point of view.

We continue to have a passion for innovation and we have some fantastic new products in the pipeline and exciting developments within the business which we will be revealing later this year.

I would like to thank all our loyal customers; without them we would not be where we are today. We have had highs and of course some lows, but every experience has been a learning curve. I hope that you will all continue this journey with us… and let’s see where we are in 2030!”

Manni Keates, Managing Director

A big thank you from all of us here at CORE Landscape Products, and we can’t wait to keep reaching new heights together.


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CORE RESIN BOUND: New Collection

The new year brings fresh opportunities and plans that landscapers up and down the country both prepare and look forward to. With Christmas out the way, the industry looks forward to preparing new products and projects for the approaching landscape season. Here at CORE Landscape Products, we are no different. At the back end of last year, we were keen to update our resin bound stone collection for the new year.

After revisiting our current collection, we updated all selections by replacing the ones that we had to offer and then added a further 7 resin-bound collections to choose from. We now offer a massive 38 bespoke resin bound mixtures that offer an incredible aesthetic and finish to a driveway or commercial area.

Our CORE BOUND Resin comprises a two-part polyurethane resin that when mixed with dried aggregate provides a beautiful looking permeable paving solution. We offer the resin in both a UV stable and Non-UV stable edition. The UV stable resin is slightly more expensive but enables you to choose from a wider range of colours when picking your dried aggregate

When approaching the idea of a resin bound driveway, in the midst of choosing the perfect aggregate design for you, for those who want the extra reinforcement and strengthening aspect to their final wearing course – sand and glass are great options. Dependant on which aggregate you have chosen for your surface, there will be a porous element with any stone. However, the larger the aggregate, the more gaps there are. To bind and reinforce your surface, bags of sand ensure the surface is filled into all cracks and crevices yet still maintains the porous nature of the surface.

Once laid and nearly dried, opting for a scattering of fine glass over the top is a great option also to give your surface a slightly slip-resistant property to it. The glass and sand all bind together within the aggregate to ensure that the structural integrity of the surface is the strongest that it can possibly be.

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LED Light Tower

If you’re like us – you too have found yourself wondering how to fill an empty space in the garden or lend some light to create an atmosphere at one point or another. Or perhaps like us, you have spent time walking up and down aisles in home-ware shops looking for a unique product that didn’t resemble the standard hallway lamp. So instead of spending any more time doing that, we decided to design one ourselves.


A laser cut steel light sculpture that emits a variety of 64,000 colours using an LED light, controlled via a remote control. Designed in an aesthetic that makes our light towers more than suitable for both inside and outside use, they certainly deliver on variety as well as their stunning appearance. To ensure they retained a feeling of quality, we designed them in a 1.6mm thick galvanised steel, followed by a powder coating to ensure the highest level of weathering protection. To offer a variety, the continuously trendy Cor-Ten weathering steel is an option also – perfect for combining with a more traditional garden or home aesthetic. After 6-8 weeks exposed to the elements, a golden rust-like appearance will form, offering an oxidised and unique look.

The tower comes complete with a 10-watt IP67 RGB LED flood light that enables you to control the brightness using a radio frequency remote control. Coming supplied with a pre-fitted UK 3 pin plug, the assembly on arrival of your tower couldn’t be easier.

Arabian Geometric

We wanted to ensure that you could be confident that the tower will stay in its designated place and be able to battle the wind or elements if placed outside. The base for the LED light towers bolts to the ground using the expansion fixings supplied. Furthermore, the main body of the tower simply slips over the base unit and secures using the countersunk fixings and pre-threaded holes in the base unit. If used indoors – this isn’t a problem, yet for the people that want to add some character to an outdoor area or use commercial – safety must be considered.

Three designs, three colours, two finishes: one great investment.

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CORE EDGE: Flexible Lawn Edging

In the landscaping industry, there are some products that have that amazing versatility to be effective in both domestic and commercial applications. Whether it be that you’re using a product for a driveway or lawn area in your garden or using a product on a far larger scale in a commercial setting – products such as CORE EDGE retain that flexibility and capacity to be used in a variety of settings.  

Five colours, Galvanised Zinc & Cor-Ten

Available in an array of finishes that include Galvanised Zinc, Powder Coated colours and a Cor-Ten weathering steel. Colours include: Anthracite, Brown, Black, Green and Tele Grey. Three face heights that include: 65mm, 100mm and 150mm

Offering structural advantages such as flexibility and the ability to bend, it ensures it becomes useful in an array of scenarios where the shape of landscape is important. Applied using a fixing spike that sinks into the ground, CORE EDGE ensures that it can be used in different environments. Our edging can be used in soft terrains, with the aid of our galvanised fixing pins to reinforce stability, as well as being a great use for firmer grounds also.  

CORE EDGE is a product that does not require any specialist knowledge or prior experience in using landscaping products. Furthermore, no specialist tools are required for installation, ensuring that using our edging remains cost effective.

Whether powder coated or left as a plain zinc finish the edging will perform well in any form. The coated edging is finished with a tough and durable micron polyester coating making the edging highly suitable for any outside project and very resistant to the worst that our British weather can possibly throw at it, leaving you safe in the knowledge that your landscape is going to look as good as the day you first completed it.

On top of all this we keep our eye on any competitors to make sure that we are bringing you the best edging that your hard earned money can buy and even go so far as to give you more for your money than our nearest competition.

Edging with Support Pin

Our customer service is second to none offering step by step project guides and a dedicated advice line for any query that our customers might have. We take calls and give advice to domestic as well as industry professionals with years of experience, no question ever goes unanswered and they are all treated with equal importance.

For any enquiries regarding CORE EDGE or any of our other products call CORE LP on 0800 118 2278 and speak to one of our experts today.

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Why CORE Equestrian is the best choice for the Equine Industry

In this article we will be looking at our CORE Equestrian surface grid that we have engineered specifically for the equine industry and can be used in a domestic or commercial equestrian setting.

CORE Equestrian

Equine grid for state-of-the-art ménage creation for all pockets and budgets.

With years of experience of creating a variety of problem-solving products for landscaping products, we have been able to help industry professionals and domestic homeowners with the very best solutions. However, our CORE Equestrian is a specialist grid designed for the equine world, targeting the landscapes in which horses are kept and use daily.

After consulting industry professionals within the equestrian industry and noting the aspects of equine surfaces that work, aspects that could be improved, we were able to design and manufacture a specialist ménage grid that maintains its structural integrity under extensive daily use.

CORE Equestrian was created using a high-density polyethylene, ensuring that it offers long-lasting durability. An aspect such as durability was a design feature that we deemed paramount due to the intense nature of the use of the grid. Furthermore, the grid offers flexibility by being able to be used on areas other than just arenas. Areas of traffic such as gateways, paddocks and stables also require a surface suitable for horses to use confidently – and CORE Equestrian delivers that entirely. In relation to its versatility, CORE Equestrian is also a suitable grid surface for domestic traffic including cars and heavier duty vehicles. It’s ability to perform superbly in domestic areas only further reinstates the ability it has to offer the equine world the best possible grid.


High density polyethylene is a material that provides elasticity and pliability. An important feature of any given equestrian grid considering that the grid must accommodate the natural movement of horses – whilst being able to maintain a firm and strong surface for riding, exercising and competing on. The natural elasticity within the material ensures that this grid delivers in all areas, ensuring it can stand up to the task of tolerating high intensity footfall impact and high-speed competitive horse racing without cracking or peeling up in any areas.

CORE Equestrian provides a surface that will continually be mud free and non-slip, adding safety to one of the many features enjoyed by creating an exercise area for horses that will maintain its integrity even with much use and adverse weather conditions.


CORE Equestrian will also ensure that your equestrian surfaces always retain a great free draining surface which ensures usage all year round – meaning that you can get double the use of your specialist equestrian surfaces, therefore ensuring value for money as well as supporting your horse’s well being.

Here at CORE LP we have clients who have been so happy with their equestrian surface that they have then gone even further and installed CORE Equestrian in other areas of traffic such as gateways and feeding stations ensuring that even these areas are usable and clean right through the winter months – showing that Core Equestrian is truly a versatile and value for money product for the equestrian world in all kinds of settings and not simply to create a ménage.

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CORE LP: Proud to Innovate

CORE Landscape Products are proud to have years of experience supplying the landscaping industry. Through years of innovation and tirelessly improving and expanding the selection of products that we have available; we ensure that landscapers can obtain the products they require to finish the job. From tricky drainage issues to equestrian requirements, we have a wide variety of products that span the spectrum when it comes to landscaping and horticulture. With such in depth knowledge of our products due to the various stages taken within design and manufacture before they’re ready for sale – our team here at CORE LP are experts when it comes to our products and can assist you with advice for installation and application.

  • CORE Equestrian: equine grid for state-of-the-art ménage creation
  • CORE Commercial: Durable and especially strong grid for areas with heavy traffic
  • CORE Drainage: Award winning drainage systems
  • CORE Bound: Resin bound system focusing on commercial areas and driveways
  • CORE TRP: Tree root protection system employed for solving sensitive areas where the preservation of trees is paramount.
  • CORE Lawn: Artificial grass for any setting – both domestic and commercial
  • CORE Grass: Reinforcement for grass areas
  • CORE Drive: Gravel stabilisation grid for driveways
  • CORE Water: Highly versatile, problem solving soakaway crates
  • CORE Glow: Glow in the dark gravel stones

As a company with team members with experience within landscaping installation, we understand exactly what is needed and can offer practical solutions for different requirements. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming articles that will be expanding in depth on the benefits, uses and applications for each of the products noted above.

In the meantime, if you require any further information then call us at CORE Landscape Products on 0800 118 2278 to speak with a member of our committed team who will be more than happy to help.

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Here at CORE LP we have a wide array of approved installers that have come to rely on us, safe in the knowledge that we provide the most reliable and high-quality products in the industry. Teamed with helpful instructional videos that are available at any time, you can be sure of a full visual demonstration to suit you at a time you need.

Becoming one of our approved installers couldn’t be simpler. By heading to our website and filling in the short form entitled BE AN INSTALLER – you open the possibility of being a referral for installations that are close to your area. Furthermore, you become aligned with a company that has access to products an innovation in the outdoor design industry that not only help to solve problems and provide solutions but will have the answer each time an issue arises.

Products provided by CORE LP are the most forward thinking, innovative products on the market. Any landscaper who becomes an approved installer of CORE LP’s will find that the technical support and advice given by our team of dedicated experts will give them the edge over any competition. CORE LP can offer both market leading as well as specialist solutions such as tree root protection that solves issues that could otherwise bring a job to a standstill.

A quick visit to our website will show you how you can invest in yourself by giving yourself the opportunity to become an installer using CORE LP’s products for clientele that do not have the experience to install their products themselves. Give us a call today to talk with one of our advisers or arrange a practical demonstration of how our products can make your life easier and give you a new opportunity.

Join us today and become one of the hundreds of landscapers using the UK’s leading outside space specialist products. Call us now at CORE Landscape

Products on 0800 118 2278 and talk through your requirements with one of our experts today.

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Here at CORE LP we are absolutely dedicated to helping our registered installers fight the winter work finding blues, whilst doing all we can to assist in finishing off those late summer jobs.

With some of the highest quality problem-solving garden products available to assist landscapers everywhere, one thing is certain, when you need that bit of extra help or advise then CORE LP always have your back and are on hand to help. Whether it’s with advice over the phone or a practical helpful demonstration of our top problem-solving outdoor products, we should be your first port of call.

CORE’s Very Own Problem Solver

Take for instance our CORE LP TRP (tree root protection) system, this product is proving to be an invaluable problem solver in areas where landscapers and outdoor space designers are being asked by developers to protect trees that might have a tree preservation order, also referred to as a TPO. It may be that developments depend on local housing planners being satisfied that such trees are considered prior to planning consent being given, enabling people to construct around the trees.

The responsibility for a development being successful at the planning stage might fall at the door of the appointed landscaper, which is a large responsibility, but one that will make the designated landscaper a stand out asset if he or she manages to be the one that comes up with the solution that is the deciding factor on planning consent

This is where our CORE TRP system comes into its own

Our tree root protector system is a cellular system that provides full protection for tree roots from cars and other vehicles and high footfall areas. Whilst also being an excellent solution for building projects that are incorporating mature protected trees – the CORE TRP system works effectively in commercial and on any tree by distributing the weight of the traffic, which in turn prevents the subsoil compaction around the roots.

Join the growing ranks of landscapers using the UK’s leading outside space products.

Call CORE Landscape Products today on 0800 118 2278 for a chat with one of our landscaping professionals.

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How to Build a Soakaway Using CORE WATER Crates

Why do I need drainage and is a soakaway the best solution for my project?

If you have existing ground drainage problems after rainfall (easily identified by waterlogged areas) then some form of drainage is essential!   It’s important to remember that soakaways rarely work in heavy clay soils because the water collected in the soakaway can’t filter out into the surrounding ground. You can assess your ground by carrying out a percolation test or by asking your local Building Control, they will know your soil type and be able to advise if the ground in your area isn’t suitable for a soakaway. Don’t worry if this is the case, you still have other options. Collecting and storing water then pumping it to another area of your home or garden where you need it is a great idea. Alternatively, you can discharge into a combined or surface water sewer, but remember it is illegal to discharge into a foul sewer. So be sure to correctly identify the sewer type before making a connection.

So, how do I test my ground conditions to see if a soakaway is suitable for my project?

You will need to carry out a percolation test:

First dig a small square hole 300mm x 300mm at the depth of invert (this is where your drainage pipe will feed into the soakaway crate)

Fill the hole with water and leave it to soak overnight, come back and check it next morning.

Now refill the hole, watch and time how long the water takes to seep away from the 75% point to the 25% point (this is 150mm), then calculate as follows.


60 mins to drain. Calculate average time in seconds.

60 minutes divided by 150 millimetres = 6,000 s/m

To clarify, 150 (mm) x 6 = 900, then divide by 60 (mins)

= 15 s/m

This should be done in a few areas across your proposed driveway or adjacent lawn area then take an average from the readings.

Where should I position my soakaway?

A soakaway must be at least 5 metres from the house and 2.5 metres from your neighbours’ fence. The pipe flowing to the soakaway should be 100mm underground waste ideally, but the Building Inspector may settle for 75mm, and it should be laid to a fall of 1:40. Soakaways need to have a firm base especially if they are under vehicular traffic, if possible its always easier to construct a soakaway under a lawn or pedestrian area to reduce the amount of work required.

What size does my soakaway need to be?

This can vary slightly depending on the soil conditions around the soakaway. A very general rule of thumb is; 1 cubic metre (1 m3) for a 50m2 driveway and 2 cubic metres (2m3.) for a 100m2 driveway (or 75m driveway with a steep gradient) and always remember to allow for your roof area if you are discharging both into the same soakaway. Either way for your soakaway to work properly it must be able to discharge the incoming water quicker than it fills up.

If you find you have a waterlogged garden or driveway, then a CORE WATER Soakaway crate may be the perfect solution for you.

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