CORE Tree Root Protector


Due to the rate of urbanisation within the UK it is becoming ever more popular to find trees, located in areas of urban development, with Tree Preservation Orders (TPO’s). This is an attempt to ensure the protection of mature trees, especially when construction work is being carried out nearby.

“Cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping or causing willful damage or destruction to trees without the local planning authority’s permission” could result in up to a £20,000 fine.

Failing to comply with a TPO is treated as serious offense towards the environment. TPO’s are administered by Arboricultural Officers within your local council. The majority of tree roots are found within 600mm of the surface and extend to a distance equal to approximately 65% of the tree’s overall height. Making it almost impossible to build a sustainable surface that can take vehicular traffic without digging and disturbing the feeder roots of the tree.

CORE Tree Root Protection is suitable for the construction of permanent and temporary site access roads where access is limited by the presence of tree roots. By using this system you will have a compliant drive / road.

Simply blind over exposed roots and regulate to form a smooth surface. Install a COREgeotextile (e.g. CGSMT 1000 membrane) (Optional installation of biaxial geogrid – increases weight bearing capabilities and life span.) Lay CORE Root Protector, fill with angular reduced fines sub base. (rootprotector depth will vary according to intended use and traffic load.)

Failure to install a  Tree Root Protection System could result in the surface becoming compacted and rutted resulting in minimal oxygen and nutrient exchange to the roots, ultimately destroying the tree. Once operations are complete, the installation can be removed with the roots undamaged ensuring the protection of the trees.




Above-Ground, No-Dig Construction – (Driveways close to trees). APN12 advises that a drive can only be installed, within a tree protection area, if it can be done so without tree roots and the surrounding soil being damaged.

The British standards institution has published guidance notes BS 5837:2005 on how to protect trees during development. Tree Root Drive Guidance

The ‘No Dig’ construction can be achieved by using perforated CORE Tree Root Protector available in depths of 50mm, 100mm, 150mm and 200mm.

When filled with granular materials, the system creates a three dimensional erosion barrier and structural bridge that uniformly distributes weight-bearing loads. The cellular nature of CORE Root Protector confines free draining sub- base materials, stabilising the ground whilst enhancing drainage and preventing build-up of hydrostatic pressure.


Unlike traditional methods of road and driveway construction, there is no excavation required to install CORE Tree Root Protector. It forms a high load bearing, shallow permeable sub-base above ground.

  • Provides a cost effective solution to long-term Tree protection
  • Ease in transportation and on site handling due to collapsible cells
  • Rapid and simple installation confirms to most terrain profiles
  • Ultrasonic welding of cell joints ensures maximum strength
  • Withstands high weight bearing loads
  • Resistant to biological attack and a wide range of soil borne chemical

Tree root drive



This diagram shows the typical construction of a driveway or access road that passes through a ‘No Dig’ area. By using a CORE Tree Root Protection system, there is minimal impact on any surrounding trees as the panels help to distribute the weight of the vehicles passing over the tree roots.

By using SUDS complaint materials, such as the 4-40mm clean aggregate to fill the Tree Root Protection panels and a CORE Commercial gravel stabiliser as the wearing course the surface water is able infiltrate back through the wearing course and subbase into the subsoil to keep the trees hydrated and healthy.



If temporary access to a site is required but you have mature trees located along the route that have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on them, you will be required by the local council to install some kind of Tree Root Protection System to prevent damage occuring to the trees roots. Most TPO’s impose restrictions on excavating within the canopy of the tree.

The digram below shows the typical build up for a temporary site access solution. Once the site access is no longer required the system can be lifted and removed from site with minimal impact on any surrounding trees.




The tree root protection system can be left in place as a suitable subbase for a driveway or permanent access road. To make the transition between temporary access track to permemant access the following steps are required:

  1. Remove the 50-75mm overfill from on top of the panel, level the surface and recompact the infill.
  2. Lay a separation membrane (CGSMT 1000)
  3. Lay a grit or gravel bedding layer (2-20mm aggregate)
  4. Install your permeable wearing course. This can be a gravel stabiliser such as our CORE Commercial grid or an alternative porous wearing course such as porous macadam or porous block paving. (see toggle above for diagram)

CORE Tree Root Protector - Optional Warranty



By using CORE Tree Root Protector, you are getting tried and tested tree root protection of the highest quality that out performs competitors, offering total peace of mind. Top quality raw materials and intuitive design ensure the roots of the trees you want to protect will not be damaged by traffic or footfall. By simply following our recommendations and adopting industry standard installation practices, you can rest assured you are not only choosing the best possible system, but also getting the best value for money.

With CORE Root Protector you have the option of obtaining a comprehensive written guarantee for an additional fee. CORE Root Protector is one of the few systems available in today’s market with this option. Independently tested, it offers unrivalled protection for your tree roots, and has been used throughout the world for years without failure.

Complete Control

As every good businessman knows “nothing is truly for free” in business so we prefer to offer you the option of paying for the written guarantee. In our experience not everyone requires a guarantee so this allows us to offer you the best possible price for your CORE Root Protection system. We will specify and quote your requirements using exactly the same great product with or without the warranty. We will then advise you on the cost of the optional warranty, if you require one. Either way the protection the roots receive is the same, so you have the option of how you spend your resources. With expert guidance from our arboriculturalists and design engineers, CORE Root Protector gives our customers the assurance that specific site requirements and design criteria will be achieved. The optional warranty covers the replacement of not only the CORE Root Protector system but also the tree(s), giving the customer complete peace of mind. Our engineers will offer site specific technical recommendations to help you obtain the best results for the best possible price.



 Site Survey | Provide us with a copy of the Arboricultural Report for the site. [If a report hasn’t already been produced, we would advise approaching an Arboricultural Association registered consultant to have a full survey completed].

Technical Recomendation | We can offer all of our client’s engineering advice and services. On all guaranteed projects, we provide full technical recommendations and calculations.

Site Survey Scope Agreement | Once we have received the arboricultural report and produced our technical recommendation, we will advise on which trees can be covered under the warranty using a scoping agreement. We will then advise on the cost of the warranty. 

Straight Forward Installation | By following our installation guide and technical recommendations the works should be carried out adhering to basic industry guidelines. Once completed, the customer signs, agreeing to the terms and conditions of the warranty.

Certification | Once your signed agreement is received by us, we will send out a pack containing your guarantee certificate with full details of your purchase.



What is covered under the warranty? | The guarantee covers the replacement of dead tree(s) within the protected area, up to a value of £10,000.00. The guarantee also covers the replacement of the CORE Root Protection system which has failed up to the value of £50,000.00. The guarantee is valid for 10 years from date of invoice.

How to Make a claim for loss of a tree? | In the unlikely event that a tree dies within the 10 year guarantee period, you will need to notify us as soon as discovered. We will carry out a full investigation into the actual cause of death. Once our investigation has identified the cause we will establish what remedial action is required.

How to Make a claim for material failure? | In the unlikely event that your CORE Root Protection system fails within the 10 year guarantee period, you will need to notify us as soon as discovered. We will carry out a full investigation into the actual cause of failure. Once our investigation has identified the cause we will establish what remedial action is required.

Can I alter the CORE Root Protector system? |The system is created and designed using only high quality raw materials that outperform many of our competitors. This manufacturing process creates a truly unique system. Our installation guides and technical recommendations ensure the complete success of the project therefore we can only offer the warranty if the full system has been installed with no alterations, additions or omissions.

Can I pass the warranty on? | Yes, the warranty is owned by the landowner. This can be transferred should the ownership of the land change, provided we are given notice of the transfer.


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