CORE LP’s First RHS Chelsea Show Garden

‘Step into Spring’ Garden.

Behind the Scenes at Chelsea.

Check out these exclusive behind the scenes photos from our first ever RHS Chelsea Show Garden!

Flexible Steel Edging

The UK’s No.1 Flexible Steel Edging

CORE EDGE is an innovative, easy-to-install flexible steel garden edging system, suitable for edging lawns, borders, patios, pathways, and driveways.

Manufactured here in the UK from a high quality 1.6mm mild steel, available in three face heights and five finishes. Each pack of 5 x 1075mm strips joins together to give 5 meters of edging once installed.

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Gravel Stabiliser

A Low Profile Gravel Stabiliser That is Perfect for Pathways

We used CORE PATH on the gravel areas of the garden, including the main pathway that is on a slight slope. The grid is made of recycled polypropylene and is a fantastic eco-friendly surfacing option.

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Cor Ten Garden Screen from Screens By CORE

A Contemporary Garden Screen Made from High Quality Cor Ten

A modern styled screen which takes inspiration from the lush and dense foliage of the Bamboo plants to provide a graceful and willowy screening solution with a modern twist. The handsome and characteristic bamboo design gives this screen a universal appeal.

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Cor Ten Planters from Screens By CORE

A High Quality Planter

Our planters are made from premium grade Core-Ten steel and are supplied pre-weathered having already achieved a natural oxidised finish. We then apply a sealer that encapsulates the natural beauty. Our unique sealer virtually eliminates all run-off, vastly reducing the risk of staining adjacent surfaces and transference onto clothing.

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Whether it’s a private project, a Show Garden or a trade exhibit, it is important to have a meeting of the minds with the client.  There must be a rapport for the basis of a good working relationship and with the team at CORE Landscape Products I really relate to their ethos. I identify with their setting of the bar extremely high in all that you do and going for it – and that ‘good enough’ is actually not an acceptable standard. The design for the CORE Landscape Products ‘Step into Spring Garden‘ needed to showcase their products but still fit in the space allocated.  As with any design, you have to be conscious of not overfilling the space.  There needs to be harmony and cohesion, whilst making it inviting and not making you want to run for the hills – as we need to draw customers in to experience the products and how they are used.

We are very fortunate and grateful to have Creepers donate the majority of the plants – they are a great team and a wonderfully helpful nursery.   The plants chosen have to be seasonal as we do not have the luxury of refrigeration ie. holding back growth until just right for the Show.  The majority of products selected in the garden are all highlighting the CORE-TEN material which is so on trend at the moment – so it’s a case of choosing plants that complement the rich colours of the weathered steel and include texture, form and layers.  It’s creating a story – you need your stars but they will not shine as brightly without strong supporting acts.  Due to my involvement on Chelsea’s Main Avenue, I had to think of someone I trusted to hand over the baton for the physical side of planting and I have collaborated with Kenny Raybould, the ‘Prince of Plants’ on numerous occasions.  Kenny is a dear friend and has an innate creative flair, he immediately understood what I am looking to achieve for CORE.  I’ll dash back and forth when I can but have the peace of mind that it will be in good hands. – Gillian Goodson

Sourcing plants for Chelsea is one of the most exciting parts of being a nurseryman, with Chelsea being one of the most respected shows in the industry. It has been an honour to work alongside Gillian Goodson and CORE on an amazing display for this show stand. The first and most important thing about sourcing plants for Chelsea is the relationship with the Designer – it is crucial that one understands the concept and vision for the garden, so we can ensure our nursery provides the plants needed to make that vision possible. One challenge that is always tricky when planning for Chelsea is the unpredictable nature of the seasons, especially in terms of how early/late spring kicks in, and the dreaded late may frost! Books will tell you this tree will blossom at this time of year and this plant with flower here, but the truth is we are in an ever-changing climate which makes it harder and harder to predict flowering times. There are methods to delay flowering or bring on early flowering, but I believe the best way to approach Chelsea is with an open mind and to accept that plans might change! Being flexible allows for the designer and Nursery to select the plants that are flourishing and looking best rather than what was planned months before.

Kenny Raybould – Prince of Plants

It is all about the plants when creating an exhibit for a show like RHS Chelsea and we tend to think of plants as a ‘ready to use’ item but this really isn’t the case. One of the main considerations I have always found for planting is to try and source home and locally grown where possible, especially when it comes to perennials as they are very reactive to changes in conditions. Keeping plants hydrated during transport and during installation makes a massive difference on the success of water-sensitive plants… after all, no one wants a droopy lupin!  Exhibition spaces are always a unique space to install – mixing pot culture and great composts and bark as a way to retain moisture. Spacing and position are all in the eye of the beholder and it is always great to follow the basic rules – as in, if it is a sunny plant let’s try and show it for the sun lover it is. Take plenty of time when planting and never rush, from previous experience installing such exhibits I have always prided myself on good housekeeping and attention to detail – as we are often working in tight, cramped spaces with a huge amount to do in a short space of time. Being brash and rushing leads to damage and bad choices take time to correct – so take small gentle steps and constantly step back to admire, amend or change the planting where required. I tend to approach it like working in one of the Royal Households – that tends to help stop the lost pots and broken blooms!

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