CORE PRO EDGE Flexible Aluminium Edging | 2200mm

CORE PRO EDGE Flexible Aluminium Edging | 2200mm

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CORE’s Premium Aluminium Landscape Edging

We use the same architectural marine grade 6063 tempered aluminium alloy, as our competitor Kinley.

However, we stand out with our fully anodised finish, which not only provides a beautiful appearance, but also provides a tougher, more scratch-resistant surface.

True Flexibility

Working with industry experts, we identified the need for a more flexible profile in terms of both mechanical properties and versatility, with the strength to perform on all sites from domestic to large public projects.

Contractors are to create sweeping curves on a tighter radius than any of our industry peers, with the added benefit of retaining a rigid straight line when required.

The edgings feature our unique ‘easy snap out’ tabs – remove the tabs to create sweeping curves exactly where you require them, leave them in place to keep the edging rigid and install true straight lines.


  • Create sweeping curves and straight lines from one profile
  • Scratch-resistant anodised surface finish
  • Completely rust free
  • UV Stable
  • Less Waste
  • Easy to install
  • Unbeatable value
  • 4 versatile face height options
  • Re-engineered for maximum strength

What Can it Be Used For?

  • Resin Bound/Bonded Aggregates
  • Wet Pour Rubber / Safety Surfaces
  • Hot Macadam (up to 180 C)
  • Porcelain Paving
  • Slabs and Paviours
  • Stabilised Aggregate / Loose Aggregate
  • Artificial Grass
  • Lawns, Flowerbeds & Borders

How to Create Curves

Curves can be easily created by using a pair of pliers to snap out the tabs along a length of CORE PRO EDGE.

We designed it with versatility in mind to create the perfect ‘2 in 1’ product – if you need a strong straight line, leave the tabs in – when your project requires curves, snap them out where you need to, giving you the flexibility to combine truly straight lines with perfect curves,  all from one edging.

If you need a strong straight line, leave the tabs in – when your project requires curves, snap them out to make gently curving the edging to shape much easier.

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