Trade Pricing for the Landscape Sector.

When it comes to high quality landscaping products and services, we at CORE LP offer you the best selection. We specialise in the design, manufacture and distribution of quality landscaping products for professional gardeners and landscapers. Products that are eco-friendly, long-lasting and require minimal maintenance.

We offer full support and supply services to professional landscaping businesses so they can, in turn, create high-quality landscapes and gardens for their customers. Please look at some of the products and services we offer for professional landscapers.

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The Benefits of Landscape Edging.

To create a perfectly manicured landscape with clearly delineated borders you need high quality edging materials. These are great for defining flower gardens, gravel paths and other features in the garden, and come in a range of hard wearing and low maintenance materials.

Landscaping edging not only improves the appeal of a property by making it look well maintained and tidy, but it also adds elegance and structure by clearly marking out lines and edges.

In addition, it helps prevent soil, gravel and mulch from spilling onto any areas of lawn while protecting garden plants from being damaged during mowing. To ensure you have the best quality edging products to maintain your reputation in the landscaping industry, you can always rely on us to provide you with the right products.


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