The new year brings fresh opportunities and plans that landscapers up and down the country both prepare and look forward to. With Christmas out the way, the industry looks forward to preparing new products and projects for the approaching landscape season. Here at CORE Landscape Products, we are no different. At the back end of last year, we were keen to update our resin bound stone collection for the new year.

After revisiting our current collection, we updated all selections by replacing the ones that we had to offer and then added a further 7 resin-bound collections to choose from. We now offer a massive 38 bespoke resin bound mixtures that offer an incredible aesthetic and finish to a driveway or commercial area.

Our CORE BOUND Resin comprises a two-part polyurethane resin that when mixed with dried aggregate provides a beautiful looking permeable paving solution. We offer the resin in both a UV stable and Non-UV stable edition. The UV stable resin is slightly more expensive but enables you to choose from a wider range of colours when picking your dried aggregate

When approaching the idea of a resin bound driveway, in the midst of choosing the perfect aggregate design for you, for those who want the extra reinforcement and strengthening aspect to their final wearing course – sand and glass are great options. Dependant on which aggregate you have chosen for your surface, there will be a porous element with any stone. However, the larger the aggregate, the more gaps there are. To bind and reinforce your surface, bags of sand ensure the surface is filled into all cracks and crevices yet still maintains the porous nature of the surface.

Once laid and nearly dried, opting for a scattering of fine glass over the top is a great option also to give your surface a slightly slip-resistant property to it. The glass and sand all bind together within the aggregate to ensure that the structural integrity of the surface is the strongest that it can possibly be.

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