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Here at CORE LP we have a wide array of approved installers that have come to rely on us, safe in the knowledge that we provide the most reliable and high-quality products in the industry. Teamed with helpful instructional videos that are available at any time, you can be sure of a full visual demonstration to suit you at a time you need.

Becoming one of our approved installers couldn’t be simpler. By heading to our website and filling in the short form entitled BE AN INSTALLER – you open the possibility of being a referral for installations that are close to your area. Furthermore, you become aligned with a company that has access to products an innovation in the outdoor design industry that not only help to solve problems and provide solutions but will have the answer each time an issue arises.

Products provided by CORE LP are the most forward thinking, innovative products on the market. Any landscaper who becomes an approved installer of CORE LP’s will find that the technical support and advice given by our team of dedicated experts will give them the edge over any competition. CORE LP can offer both market leading as well as specialist solutions such as tree root protection that solves issues that could otherwise bring a job to a standstill.

A quick visit to our website will show you how you can invest in yourself by giving yourself the opportunity to become an installer using CORE LP’s products for clientele that do not have the experience to install their products themselves. Give us a call today to talk with one of our advisers or arrange a practical demonstration of how our products can make your life easier and give you a new opportunity.

Join us today and become one of the hundreds of landscapers using the UK’s leading outside space specialist products. Call us now at CORE Landscape

Products on 0800 118 2278 and talk through your requirements with one of our experts today.

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